President's Note - July 2017

Mid-Year: A Time to Revisit, Retool, Refresh

It’s hard to believe that summer is already here!

For me, this is the point in the year where time seems to really hit the accelerator and move at warp speed; kids home from school, parties galore, and never-ending yard work. And that’s just the personal side.

June marks the halfway point in business. How are we doing for the year? What have we achieved? What’s left to do? Are we ahead? Are we behind? To summarize…status-check, tweak, retool, and move forward.

Late in 2015, SEWI-ATD spent a significant amount of time scrutinizing our organization’s vision and mission, and some retooling occurred. In case you aren’t familiar,

Our Vision is:

Create a skilled and competitive Southeastern Wisconsin workforce.

Our Mission is:

Partner with individuals and organizations we serve to develop highly skilled and talented professionals.

As we head into the second half of the year, we will be considering how well we are meeting the needs and desires of you, our members. With President Elect, Andy Marris, preparing to take the helm for 2018, strategic planning discussions will ensue with our vision and mission as our guide.

I know I speak for our entire Board when I ask, “What do you need to be part of our future-skilled and competitive workforce here in Southeastern Wisconsin?” Your input is always welcome.

Thank you,


Dana Peters
2017 President

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